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BIG NEWS: New Year 6 blogs!


Big news for the blogs. I have now set up new blogs for the 3 new year 6 classes ready for September. It means that you can blog over the summer on your new class blog to impress your teacher.

The 3 current blogs will still exist for you to have a look at (photos, stories, videos) but you won’t be able to comment or add new posts. You will need to do that on the new blogs.

The addresses for the new blogs are (you can click on them to visit the new blogs):


Mr Walker = 6jw2014.knowleparkblogs.net

Miss Lloyd = 6nl2014.knowleparkblogs.net

Miss Roberts = 6jr2014.knowleparkblogs.net


Your username and passwords stay exactly the same and now will just log you in to your new blog!

Happy blogging!

Mr Walker

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Legendary Lions!


IMG_0974 (408x800) (326x640)

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Legendary Lions



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Victorian School Facts By Charlie

In 1880 a law was passed  making it compulsory for every child in Britain between the ages of 5 and 10 had to attend school.
Lot’s of new schools were opened in Victorian times, but they were very different from the schools today. 
                                                                    What were Victorian classrooms like?
In the first half of the 1800s, classes were massive. Sometimes others were more than 100 pupils in every class.
The Victorian classrooms was often to as a schoolroom.
Victorian pupils sat on iron-framed desks. These were bolted to the floor in rows facing the front of the classroom.
The walls of a Victorian schools were completely bare.
The floors of the schoolrooms were tiered ( a bit like a cinema ). The children sitting at the back of the room were higher up than those sitting at the front. This meant that all the children had a good view of the teacher and the black bored , but it also meant that the teacher had a good view of them to.
The windows in a Victorian classroom were up very high up ( to stop pupil looking out of the windows) and the rooms lit by gaslight. As a result, the schoolrooms were gloomy and often  stuffy.
Sometimes different classrooms were only divided from others by curtains. This meant that it was very easy to here noise coming from other lessons.
Although lots of schools were built during the Victorian era, not a great deal of money was spent on taking care of the building. Victorian schools were often quite  shabby and in need of repair.
                                             What did Victorian children learn? What were Victorian lessons like?
Most Victorian lessons involved listening to the  teacher and copying sentences  from the black -bored. There was very little partner work or group work and very little chance  for pupils to discuss their ideas and ask questions.
The most important lessons were the three Rs reading, writing and arithmetic ( maths ) 
Pupils had to chant things like (the times table facts, for example ) out loud until they could do it without making a mistake. 
Victorian pupils also received  lessons in history  and  geography.
Some lessons were called object lessons. Items such as models ,seeds,rocks and pictures were placed on each pupils desk. The pupils were meant to make observations about the objects in front of them. Science lessons were taught in this way.
PE lessons were called ‘drill’ and usually took place in the playground. The children didn’t get changed for PE and the lessons involved lots of jogging on the spot, marching, stretching and lifting weights (dumbbells).
In the afternoons the girls and boys did different lessons. The boys were taught woodworking (and some schools also taught farming, shoe-making and gardening). The girls were taught how to cook meals, how to do embroidery and how to complete housework (such as washing and ironing).
What equipment did Victorian pupils use? What did they write on?
Children often wrote on slates instead of paper. They scratched the letters onto the slate with a sharpened piece of slate (which they held like a pencil). The writing on the slate could easily be removed and slates could be used again and again. This saved the school money as paper was expesive.
 The very youngest  children used  to practise writing letters in sand-trays.
Older children used pen and ink to write in their ‘copybooks’. Each child had an inkwell and a fountain pen. It was the job of the ink monitor to fill the inkwells each morning. Children were taught to write in a handwriting style called ‘copperplate’ and left-handed children were often forced to write with their right hands. Victorian classrooms often had an abacus and a globe.
     How were Victorian pupils punished if they misbehaved? 
 Discipline in Victorian schools was very harsh. Here are some examples of Victorian punishments: Teachers often beat pupils using a cane. Canes were mostly made out of birch wood. Boys were usually caned on their backsides and girls were either beaten on their bare legs or across their hands. A pupil could receive a caning for a whole range of different reasons, including: rudeness, leaving a room without permission, laziness, not telling the truth and playing truant (missing school).
 Victorian pupils who couldn’t keep up in lessons were often made to wear a ‘dunce’s cap’ (usually made of newspaper) or told to put on an armband or badge with the word ‘dunce’ written on it. The Victorian teachers thought that the pupil would be embarrassed into making more of an effort.
 In some schools (mostly in Scotland), Victorian children were beaten with a ‘tawse’ (a vicious-looking leather strap).
‘Punishment baskets’ were used in some Victorian classrooms to suspend badly behaved children from the ceiling. The pupil was made to sit in a wicker basket and was then raised from the ground by ropes and pulleys.
Sometimes pupils were given lines. They often had to write out the same sentence over 100 without making a single mistake.
All of the punishments handed out by Victorian teachers were recorded in the school’s ‘punishment book’.
                                     What were Victorian teachers like?
In Victorian schools there were more female teachers than male ones.
Victorian pupils were expected to call a male teacher ‘Sir’ and a female teacher ‘Madam’ or ‘Miss’
. Older pupils were sometimes given the job of teaching the younger pupils..They were known as ‘pupil teachers’
if you would like to find out more go to
 facts about Victorian schools 
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My homework by Molly


Albert who had bags under his eyes sighed .

Albert who had bags under his eyes yawned.

Albert grined happily as he skipped down the road.

Mr jaggers smiled as he sheared at Albert .

Mr jaggers stuffed his face with food as everyone stared at him in amazement .

Mr jaggers scratched his he and read the poster again with a puzzled look on his face.

Mr walker folled his arms and glared at the children .

Mr Locke rested his head on his hand and let out a great big sigh.

Miss bovet – white had bags under her eyesand yawned constantly .

Mrs Chaplin’s belly would not stop rumbling .


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Barefeet Performance


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Barefeet Theatre Workshops


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French Words By: Heather


↓(How to say it)

Walk= marché (mahr•shey)

Family= famille (fam•ee) 

Visit= visité (vee•zee•tay)

Sing= chanté (shahn•tay)

Look= regard (reh•ghard)

Sun= soleil (soh•lay)

Chocolate=chocolate (sho•coh•latt)

I hope you enjoyed learning French!!!

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Luna’s adventure by Amelia


chapter 1

Mr burns

“Luna do not set foot near Mr burns house or he will shout at you!” Shouted Luna’s mum. Luna ran down stairs, grabbed her ball and started playing in the street. Out of nowhere jumped summer and whispered ” Have you heard, Mr burns house captured someone last night and no one knows anything about it.” Luna replied” my mum told me not to go near the house.” Suddenly, summer bounced the ball so high it landed on Mr burns front yard. Then summer started running towards the house to get the ball. Unfortunately, the grass wrapped round summers leg and started pulling her in. Uh oh! Mr burns opened the door and started running towards them. Frantically, Luna grabbed some scissors and cut the grass. They ran and ran and ran. The next thing they new they were hidden in a bin down a dark ally. Summer whispered” How did that happen, the grass was pulling me in.” Luna replied “ Shhhh I can hear him” Luna thought how did that happen it was a mystery ?

chapter 2

Lets spy

The next day Luna lay in her bed thinking how did it happen. Reluctantly, Luna rolled out of bed, pulled on her clothes and grabbed a scrunched up five pound note from the side. Luna shouted to her mum” I’m going shopping!” and slammed the door. Luna cycled down the road to the shops and brought a spy kit. When she got home she called summer and told her to come round. Luna set up the kit and got ready to put her plan to work. Her plan was to have a dummy go onto the grass and see what happens. When the dummy was on the grass it slowly started sinking down then this big carpet grabbed the dummy and pushed it down. ” WOW!” whispered summer that took some doing to make a carpet push a hoover down under the ground.” summer left the house and said” We sneak into his house at midnight when he’s not there. see ya” Luna ran upstairs and drew a plan. suddenly, blood curling screams filled the street. Oh no! Another person was being pulled under. Luna dressed in black with a black mask. Tonight was the night.

chapter 3

Monster house

They opened the door. As they crept in a shiver fell down there spine and a draft hit them. Suddenly a pair of red eyes appeared in the darkness. Who was it? What was it ? Summer crept forward. Suddenly, they realized it was a light from a dungeon. So they decided to creep into the dungeon and see what was there. When they got down there they saw all the people who fell under the grass. The door slammed. Oh no! Mr burns was home! Quickly, the girls ran and hid under a pile of toys. Mr burns came down and started talking ” Why can people leave my house alone, its people like those two girl I’m after there pesky and annoying and always gossiping.” There was a knock on the door. It was the police. They shouted” Your under arrest open this door or we will do it for you!” Then the police knocked down the door and arrested Mr burns. The girls ran out and told the story to the police. They were safe now.

chapter 4

my luck turns into a curse

Today was Luna’s football match. She thought about what the police told her about Mr burns and said to herself ” The curse cant be true, like I’m going to get three accidents.” Reluctantly, she put on her kit, ran downstairs and jumped into the car. What she didn’t know was the curse was real. Her first accident was she split her knee in the game. Her second accident was she lost the match which means her team gets relegated. Her third accident was the worse she had broken leg which means she wasn’t allowed to play football for a month or go out with summer. That night she wrote it into her diary and surprisingly, when she drew a picture of her the picture came to life. Amazingly, the drawing walked out the window. Luna wondered how summers curse went.

chapter 5

summers curse

That same day summer sat on her bed when she asked her mum if she could go to the park. Her mum agreed as long as she didn’t get in trouble. When she was in the park she was climbing 100ft climbing frame when suddenly she fell of and sprain her ankle. When she got home she led in bed when amazingly her foot swelled up big. Summer called down to her mum ” Can you pass the phone up” and hid her leg under the quilt. Her mum came in and gave her the phone. Summer dialled Luna’s number. It rang but, no one answered. Green goo dripped on her hand. Then her hand swelled up. After that happened, summers mum came in with dinner and saw her hand and leg. In shock, summers mum passed out. When the ambulance arrived, they checked her and said ” Summer had a drip of swell goo on her leg and hand which caused it to swell, when we get to the hospital we will take out the goo and put in in a container, then she can go home.” After she was sent home, her foot and arm was in plaster so the swelling could dye down. Oh no! That meant no games because her ankle was sprain and swollen and I plaster + her arm was broken and in sling.

chapter 6

The fight

After 5 weeks of rest, Luna’s leg was ok and summers arm and leg were ready to walk and do handstands again. Reluctantly, Luna rolled out of bed and put on her school uniform for school. Luna didn’t go to the same school as summer but Luna was in for a surprise. In Luna’s old school she had this girl who picked a fight with her and beat her up. That same girl moved school today and now goes to the same school as Luna. When Luna was in the playground at lunch time, Stephaney ( The girl)
came up to her and said ” Look who it is its Luna the space girl.” Luna said to her ” I’m sorry I have to go.” and walked away. Stephaney followed her and grabbed her top. Frantically, Luna span round and punched Stephaney’s nose. Stephaney got up with blood pouring down the left side of her nose. Luna noticed two teeth on the floor. Oh I knocked her teeth out Luna thought. Suddenly, Stephaney threw a punch but, Luna doged the punch. WOW! Luna and Stephaney kept on punching each other until Stephaney hand a black eye and blood dow the left and right side of her face.

chapter 7

The carter family

Today Luna was excited. A new family were moving into Mr burns old house. The new family were called the carters. When they arrived, the little girl came over and knocked on Luna’s door. Luna invited her to her room and said” I’m Luna and your name is?” the girl replied in a soft voice” My name is…….Kat.” Then she said” Can I show you this without you telling anyone.” Luna replied” Ok.” To Luna’s amazement, Kat clenched her fists and turned blue. Kat then said” Do you want to have a sleepover?” Luna replied” Ok you can sleep at mine.” That night, Luna was fast asleep when Kat got up and had claws coming out of her nails. Kat dug one nail into Luna’s body and pretended to be asleep. In the morning when Luna looked in the mirror she screamed” AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” she was blue all over and had a tail. When Luna’s mum walked in she asked” What’s wrong?” Luna said nothing. When her mum left Luna looked in the mirror. Then Kat said” Only you can see who you are and after 3 weeks your reflection will disappear. That means your in full transformation and your skin colour will become scaly and will be permanent.

chapter 8


“After 3 weeks it will be permanent.”. That speech that Kat said kept playing in her head. Luna lay in bed with her head in the pillow. Suddenly, a scale popped up on her leg. Her scales were coming Luna thought to herself why am I the one who has to have scales? Suddenly, summer burst in and said” Why were you playing with that girl yesterday!” Luna replied” If I tell you this you promise not to tell anyone else?” summer replied in a intrigued voice” Ok I promise.” Luna started talking. ” Ok…. well I was playing with the neighbour Kat and she told me that she can turn blue. At first I didn’t believe her then she showed me. In the morning my whole body was blue like hers.”

chapter 9

Goodbye mum

Summer ran down stairs and started explaining it to Luna’s mum. In rage, Luna’s mum ran outside but, as she crossed the road a car came racing down and crashed in to her. Luna ran out into the road and grabbed her mum. Luna shouted to summer” CALL 999!” When the ambulance arrived, it was too late. Luna’ mum was dead. Luna cried for day’s. That meant she had to live with her brother and his girlfriend. Quietly, Luna ran into the house, grabbed the phone and dialled her brother Toby’s number. To Luna’s amazement toby picked up the phone and Luna explained everything that happened. Toby said to Luna” I will arrive in 5 minuets to pick you up.” The line cut off. Luna packed her suit case and called the moving service. The moving service arrived and took her stuff to toby’s house. After all the moving had finished toby had to tell Luna something. Toby explained to Luna that his girlfriend Angela was expecting a baby. Luna jumped with joy, she was going to be an auntie. Luna grabbed toby and took him to her room and pulled a black dress from her wardrobe and said” The funeral.” Luna loved her mum to bits. Suddenly, the phone rang and toby answered it. Toby put the phone down and said” Dads coming over!”

Find out the rest of Luna and summers weird adventure in the second book where Luna and toby face the wrath of telling their dad about their mum’s death.

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The child – pleaser machine by Amelia (Homework)


Do people in your class slouch in their chairs? Does everyone moan and groan? If so buy this machine and your class will be blurting out answers.

To turn on this amazing device, press the green flashing button. This will light up the machine and start the engine for 5 minuets. After it has started up it will automatically know what the lesson is and get out what we need.

To activate one of the best features, pull the red handle. This will turn on the bouncy castle machine for play time. Leaving your class happy.

If you struggle with giving your class work or even with P.E lessons. Don’t worry just write it all down on some paper, insert it into the slot and WOW – out comes a new sheet with all sorts of ideas.

Remember to keep this machine safe, protected and clean and teaching will be as easy as pie. Don’t forget to try out its latest feature: the golden time button that shoots toys to play with at golden time.

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Mrs Nerg by Amelia









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Sinking sand! By Daisy (HOMEWORK)


Louis eyes started to water so, he licked it with his tongue as he was so desperate  to have a drink. Collapsing on a sand dune his body started to sink.As he woke up dazed and shaken ,he found him self  sinking in a pile of sand.Trying to wriggle out he sunk more and more until,his mouth touched the edge.HIS HEAD WENT UNDER ! His last scream was muffled by the sand.As he was about to die,he wondered how he got into this mess?

Louis’s mum and dad waved him good bye to him as he entered the airport.Picking up his bag ,he  heard his flight number and went to the station.Gliding through the crowed hi slid through the gaps that were around .His heart hit against his chest every minuet that passed .He was nervous that he wouldn’t make it to the station in time.will he make it?

Reaching the station just in time as, the tickets were being collected  and his ticket flew out his pocket. Louis froze.He zipped through the people that was in the way.The ticket flew into an aeroplane.His heart stopped.Pushing through the crowed that surrounded the ticket collecter who,  he ran straight past they cursed him.Entering the aeroplane the aeroplane started to move.Louis tried to stand up straight but he kept on falling into a seat.Then Louis thought he might just sit in it.As he did , a voice warned them “when you enter the desert you must be care full of the sinking sand ” she warned.Louis heard when he said” desert “so, he kept his tear inside.Louis fell asleep.As he woke up the aeroplane was just about to land he didn’t know what mess he was going to get into.The plane landed with a bump.Climbing out the aeroplane he started to wonder  were he was going to stay.


Thats how he ended up so close to dying.His sweat dribbled down his cheek.louis tried to scream but it didn’t come out.His throat was drye like sand paper.Every time he moved his body sunk deeper and deeper.He started to choke as he could hardly breath.Louis looked around the desert all he could see was cracks  went along the dry mud.Sand that had traveled by the wind flew into Louis eyes.It stung.Was Louis going to die?

Meanwhile along the sand dunes there was a snake tamer looking for snakes.Walking past the lizards that hissed at the snake tamer he spotted Louis. Scrambaling  among the sand, he reached louis.Pulling with all his might he tried to pull Louis out.Trying to find a stick he grabbed a little twig .He heaved him out but he wasn’t strong enough.Pulling and pulling he finally popped him out.Breathless ,The snake tamer took a sip from his only water supply.He took Louis and traveled to the nearest  hostipol .

Weeks later,Louis lay there in a hostipol bed excited as he was going to go home the next day.His parents waited for him to go home every day.Will he ever make it home?The very next day the aeroplane allowed him to go in a wheelchair so he was able to get home.




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Mr Locke getting the cane!


MVI 0467 from James Walker on Vimeo.

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Victorian School Day – Photos


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Victorian day – singing video!


MVI 0334 from James Walker on Vimeo.

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Diary Entry By Charlie


Dear Diary,

You’ll never believe what happened? Today was the strangest day of my life ever! As usual day I am spinning the Clock Tower to make everyone else happy except me. I’ve always dreamed of going out side when the balloons rises but I have never. I also always wanted to go and speak to people but I couldn’t.  I Honestly thought I would be able to go out just for 5 minute at least so I ran down. 

Unfortunally, my world was turning grey and dull. What was happening? I’ve felt so lonely in my whole life and since the day I started dancing in the clock tower. No-one visited me. Why? When I was out there the whole in tire world was well like frozen. I don’t know why I’m the only one who has to dance!?

I look back at the clock tower and felt I had to go back in there so I ran straght up the stairs and started to dance again. I felt so glad to be dancing again.

So now it’s back to normal I don’t know why I was thinking of quitting I love dancing for everyone  and I finally got my green balloon which I’m keeping forever and i will always remeber what will make me and everyone else happy

From Dinane


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Plants by Amelia and Ocean


In year 5 we are learning about plants. Plants are mother nature’s creation. Plants are flowers and trees. In a flower you have a female and a male part. Plants have different colours thats why we think they are colourful. People think flowers are here because they are decorations but there not. They are around so we can breath and the colours are to attract insects. We think that everyone should love flowers because if we didnt have flowers we wouldnt be alive today.

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The lost puppyies part 1 by Amelia


In a city full of happiness and joy lived a little girl called summer who lived with her mum and dog. One day summer was in bed when her mum Caroline shouted ” Summer its Lucy she’s having puppies!” Frantically, summer dashed down stairs to see the puppies. Summer could see four beautiful puppies lead down in the bed. Caroline said” How about you name two and I will name two.” So summer called one sparkles and one angle and Caroline called one april and one biscuit. After 10 weeks, the puppies were up and running and went out to explore. suddenly, biscuit squeezed under the fence and into the deep dark forest. April, Angle and Sparkles ran after him. Then they found themselves all together but, they were lost.

Then biscuit started barking but it was no use. Something russled in the bush. What was it ? Out jumped a big dalmation and took the puppies home. When they got home they were in big trouble.

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The adventure of kayden and katie by amelia


Chapter 1

So it begins

In a town full of happiness and joy, lived brother and sister Katie and Kieran. Kieran is a sporty boy who loves to play football and basketball. Katie is a girl who loves to learn and play. One day in the summer holidays, Katie and Kieran where exploring in a forest when they saw a light coming from a cave. Kieran wanted to explore the cave so Katie was forced to go in with him. When they went in they could see the light and they decided to step into the light. As they went to walk in, a rock blocked the exit. There only option was to go through the door of light. There mum Caroline, was worried and sent out people to search for day and night. Katie and Kieran could see a big tree in the distance and there only way out was closed. Katie and Kieran thought to themselves will we get out ?

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Diary by Amelia (homework)


Dear diary,

Today me and Nazeem were shocked by what happened. This morning, my mum told us we were not to play near the railway tracks. But Nazeem didn’t listen and shouted to me “Last one to the railway buys the ice cream!” So I raced on my bike to meet him. When I arrived, I put my bike down, pretended to be a tight rope walker and balanced across the rail. The rail began to vibrate. Suddenly, I slipped and my foot got stuck. Luckily, and after 5 minuets, my dad came to the rescue. If it wasn’t for my dad I would be flat.

The next day I wasn’t allowed to go to school because I broke my ankle. After school Nazeem came round and we played games. I will never trust trains.

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Missing by Amelia (homework)


” Don’t go into the abandoned forest!” Sally’s mum told them. Sally and Alex agreed, cheekily smiled at each other and set out the door. Whilst they raced down a steep hill, Alex shouted “Meet you in the abandoned forest !” Quickly, sally ran as fast as she could to catch up with Alex. Sally and Alex climbed over a gate and into the abandoned forest. Alex whispered to himself “All right.” Deeper in the forest squirrels ran around and brambles stood out. Sally ran into the forest ignoring what her mother said. Without knowing that Alex was still here, Sally started to climb a tree. Alex didn’t see Sally climb the tree. Alex’s heart was beating like a drum. Where was she? Frantically, he climbed over the fence and went to get sally’s mum. When they got back, Sally fell out the tree and hurt her ankle. Sally’s mum took her home and fixed her up. Sally knew she shouldn’t have done that.

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Homework by Amy L


The lucky escape

Recently, Jake Michaels aged 12 and Nazeem Arishmed aged 13 were lucky to escape with their lives after almost being run over by a train. The train driver , John Davidson was interviewed by our team. He says ” Those two boys shouldn’t of been anywhere near the train track . It has been cut off from the public for years.” 

Jakes dad, Richard Michaels Constantly warned the two boys to stay away but it seems like they didn’t listen. After visiting the hospital for a check up, the two boys were marauded by newspaper interviewers . This has been the biggest headline of today. 

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